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Take a look at my gallery! If you like pics with songs in the description, some of my pics are like that.
Bro Day Everyday - PewdieCry by Cinnammonx


Feel free to look at my favorites! You can find some cool bases, art made for me, and adopts that I got in there!…

Death Note
Congratulations, you get live in the complex world of Death Note. In order to survive you must be careful about who you trust. Who knows, your best friend could be a serial killer or a famous detective. Choose your side wisely, and always be a step ahead of your rival.





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Wolf commissions
L drawing by InvaderZen1234
Send me a link of the pink and a disc. of the pic.
Sceptile wallpaper by InvaderZen1234
Umbreon wallpaper by InvaderZen1234
Gardevior wallpaper by InvaderZen1234
 Just tell me this stuff:
Shiny or not:
Custom adoptable
Big Business commission by InvaderZen1234
Adopt 10 Points by InvaderZen1234
20 Point Adopt by InvaderZen1234
Sister adopts by InvaderZen1234
So, I will make custom pokemon, mlp, and warriors adopts, as well as wolves. Just tell me the details and anything you want on it.
Warriors cats! (1-2 cats)
Chibi Freezingstorm by InvaderZen1234
RiverSpirit456 by InvaderZen1234
CrystalpawContest! by InvaderZen1234
Winter by InvaderZen1234
So, I will take one or two oc's of yours(can be canon too), your choice of which ones, and make a pic :p
Ask me what things I can do that aren't listed!
One/Two mlp characters
An entry for a contest! by InvaderZen1234
Meet Breezy! by InvaderZen1234
I wanted to say by InvaderZen1234
LodgerxWillow by InvaderZen1234
Traveling to the cottage by InvaderZen1234
Hi! This is for a pic of one/two of your oc's! They can be any type of pony.[Mlp]
Just tell me what you want them to be! (Btw the examples are only two pony pics because they look best. Ask me for more examples or look through my gallery!)
[ask about other themes]

shading is not included. Please click the shading button at the bottem for shading.

Shading is just an extra thing I can do. This is for the other commissions(the shading :p).


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Some stuff about oc's
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They Love you!
You've caught the attention of almost all of them!

Light: She has a great sense of Judgment, I'm debating on telling her weather I'm Kira......
L: She's very smart with a great sense of deduction. A/N is a great addition to the team. I'd love to get to know her more........*eats cake*
Mello: She fine, I guess. But to loud for my taste.
Near: *Blushes* She's great. Very smart.....
Misa: She's horrible!!! She's to loud and is stealing my Light away from me!
Ryuk: She's fun. I'd love to give her a death note, that'd be interesting.

 photo Caramelldansen-L.gif


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